Shattenvision is a group of european meta-humans that came together to protect themselves and fight for meta-human rights.

After superpowers faded for several years, various international organizations started to strive towards legislation to prohibit the return and use of superhuman abilities. In the U.S. this lead to the “Peace of good intentions” act and the recreation of Project Galatea.

In europe several countries forbade the public use of superpowers and in return the organization Shattenvision formed. They actively started recruiting metahumans and trained them in their state of the art facilities. They even opened a school near New York, which briefly became a rival for the claremont academy.

Although they claim to be peacefull, Shattenvision is training an army of meta-humans to one day create a state for themselves. They are lead by a mysterious figure called Dr. Schubert. Dr. Schubert was part of the nazi party during the second world war and was a very active occultist. Through dark magic he became immortal and gained control over shadows. He now seeks to create his own empire, populated solely by meta-humans.

The Shattenvision headquarters is in Munich.



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