Lord of Law universe

The Lords of Law Universe is an alternate dimension in which the members of the Victory Vanguard are known as the Lords of Law. In this universe Aron Anderson builds a moon-base armed with various laser cannons. He then forms a team of super-humans and begins to eradicate crime. They know only 1 punishment, death. Nations are not allowed to object and are kept in line by the Lords’ space weapons. By 2009 the Lords of Law have eliminated all resistance. Crime, hunger, disease and violence have all been eradicated. So has freedom and free will.

When this Shade discoveres the other dimensions, the Lords of Law try to expand their rule. They are stopped however by the Victory Vanguard of the Prime Universe. All except Lord Shade are defeated. Dissapointed in his team, Lord Shade eliminates them and rules his world alone.

In 2011, 5 dimensional warlords invade the Lords of Law Universe and conquer most of earth. Shade’s empire is destroyed and all he can do is retreat in to a well defended archeology he named “the citadel”. In 2029 Shade’s son dies and he attempts to bring him back by pulling his son from an alternate reality in to his own. Aron Anderson jr. does not share his father’s vision however and when he finds out his father’s plan, to blow up the universe and try again on Earth Prime, he betrays him. In the end Lord Shade travels to earth prime but is defeated. Aron Anderson Jr. travels back in time to warn the Victory Vanguard of the approaching invasion, thus preventing the invasion on earth prime.

Lord Shade, now caling himself Aron Anderson again, eventually escapes his prison. The real Aron Anderson died a year earlier, but he takes his place and using the real Aron Anderson’s hidden funds, creates a new company called I.R. International. He again takes an alternate identity, now calling himself Tyrannus.

Lord of Law universe

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