Claremont Academy

Claremont Academy was a high school created by AED as a front for their new meta-human training facilities.

After meta-powers faded for several years Aron Anderson, as vice-president, tried to prepare the world for their eventual return. He was opposed by several international groups who managed to get the “Peace of good intentions” act through congress. This act prohibited the use of meta-human abilities or technology on U.S. soil.

Dissapointed, Aron Anderson left politics behind and began a search for the next generation of meta-humans. He did this by organizing free medical exams and flue shots for young children. In reality he was checking their blood for the right genetic markers.

At the same time he stared building a secret underground base with training equipment and laboratories just outside of New York. When the facility was completed he had the Claremont Academy built on top. He sent out invitations to the parents of those children he had identified as potential meta-humans and offered them full scholarships.

For a time the Claremont Academy served as the training ground for the next generation of superheroes. During the attack of the Shadow Queen Avora it even served as the base of operations for the reformed Victory vanguard.

After Aron Anderson died the school was run by Anna/Kitten and Aron Anderson Jr..

When the Academy’s secret was exposed, Project Galatea tried to shut the school down and wanted to arrest all the meta-humans. This lead to the destruction of the Claremont Academy.

Claremont Academy

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