Urban Explorations

Urban Explorations was an American multinational founded by a criminal organization called “the agency”. It was created in 2008 as a way to launder dirty money in to a secret project named “Dark Hero”.

The purpose of this project was to form a superhero team that could be used to take out rival organizations and that could perform covert missions without any knowledge of its real purpose.
A secret base was constructed on the Manhattan shore of the Hudson river. Specialised equipment such as a submarine, a helicopter and several other vehicles and weapons were payed for and provided by Urban Explorations.

Initially 4 heroes were contacted, Gohan, Shadowcat, Jumper and Lillith. Each of them signed on with the team.

The suspiscious behavior of the team’s corporate liason quickly alerted the team to it’s benefactor’s alterior motive. Urban explorations was shut down and the Agency went in to hiding.
Many of the assets of Urban Exploration were acquired by Anderson Electronics and Develoment and were used in the creation of the Victory Vanguard.

Urban Explorations

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