Anderson Electronics and Devices is a global multinational and one of the most powerful and richest companies in the world. It was founded in 2006 by Aron Anderson, a wealthy and brilliant inventor. It was one of the first companies to focus on the creation and application of supertech for everyday use.

During it’s first year the company focused on products that could be useful to the general population and could be marketed easily. One such example was a limited AI that could be incorporated in to existing devices such as TV’s and microwave ovens. As soon as the profits started building up the company widened its research in to more efficient engines and powersources. At the governments request they began researching defensive supertech weaponry and later added offensive supertech weaponry to the menu. In only 2 years time the company went from a newly formed New York based research facility to a global multinational.

Because of it’s dependence on supertech, the company and it’s CEO, Aron Anderson, were always firm supporters of superheroes. Rumors always existed about a possible connection between Aron Anderson and the hero known as Shade. AED was also suspected of funding the superhero team known as the Victory Vanguard, although these allegations were never proven.

AED was officially connected to the superhero known as Silver Sentinel. As part of his election campaign, Aron Anderson introduced the hero, armed with an AED battlesuit, to the public as his personal gift to the people of NY, a bodyguard for the city.

After the drop of superhero activity and the disappearance of supertech AED suffered some great losses. It took the company several years to regain it’s losses but when it did it came back stronger than ever. Although it no longer focused on supertech the company did continue its research in to the subject and did continue to search for ways to return supertech to the general population.
On the governments request AED also focused more heavily on its spaceprogram. AED and its advanced communication equipment became the liason between several alien races and earth. During the absence of superheroes, AED took on over 60% of earth’s orbital defenses.

After the return of superpowers AED again offered support and training to the new heroes.It founded the Claremont Academy, a cover up for the training facilities beneath the school.

After the death of Aron Anderson and the disappearance of Aron Anderson junior, the company was run by it’s board of directors. The company took a step back from helping superheroes and ended many of its less than legal projects. The absence of it’s genius founder proved too great however and AED suffered great losses the next two years. By the end of 2030 AED had fallen in line with most of the other multinationals in the world economy, ranking nr. 4 on TIME magazine’s list of most powerful companies.


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