Power Level 10 Humanoid Alien (156 power points)
Stats: Str 16, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 12, Wisdom 14, Charisma 12
Saves: Toughness +2, Fortitude +7, Reflex +9, Will +4
Skills: Acrobatics +6, Climb +5, Concentration +4, Escape Artist +6
Feats: Attack Specialization (Laser) 2, Critical Strike, Dodge Focus 5, Favored enemy (shadows) 1, Fearless, Improved Critical (Laser) 2, Instant Up, Skill Mastery 1 (Acrobatics, Climb, Concentration, Escape Artist
Powers: Chi 10, Immortality 1, Immunity 12, Light Control Array 10 (with Alternate Powers Blinding Aura and Laser Blast), Possession 6, Super Speed 3, Variable (skills) 2
Combat: Attack +3, Damage +3, Defense +10, Initiative +16


Attack Specialization (Laser Blast): Grants a +4 bonus on attack rolls when using Laser Blast.
Critical Strike: Allows Yang to make critical hits on favored enemies, even when they are immune.
Dodge Focus: Grants a +5 dodge bonus to defense.
Favored Enemy: Yang gains a +1 bonus on some skills and damage rolls against shadow creatures.
Fearless: Yang is immune to fear effects.
Improved Critical (Laser Blast): Yang’s laser blast attack causes a critical on a roll of 18 or higher.
Instant Up: Yang can get up from prone condition as a free action.
Skill Mastery: Yang can take 10 anytime when he uses Acrobatics, Climb, Concentration, or Escape Artist.


Blinding Aura: Yang can create an aura of bright light (as bright as burning magnesium) as a standard action. Anyone who can see him must succeed at a DC 15 Fortitude saving throw or be blinded. Blinded creatures remain so, but may make a new saving throw each round, with a cumulative +1 bonus to their roll. This is a Dazzle effect with an Area extra.

Chi: Yang can boost one physical stat at a time for a +10 bonus. He can also Heal himself of the bruised, injured, or disabled ability, and give himself a +10 bonus to resist poison and disease. Bonuses to a stat fade at a rate of 1 point per 10 rounds. This is a Boost effect with an Alternate Power and Slow Fade (2) feat.

Immortality: Yang is immune to poison, disease, and aging. When she dies, she resurrects after a week, if she succeeds at a DC 10 recovery check. If she fails, she can retry after a week, with a consecutive +1 bonus to the roll. This is an innate ability.

Immunity: Yang is immune to the effects of cold environments, mind-affecting abilities (due to an alien mindset), an to Yang’s powers. This is an innate ability.

Laster Blast: Yang can fire a laser blast of concentrated light with a range of 100 ft. as a standard action. This blast deals 10 damage and has a critical chance of 18-20.

Light Control: Yang can shine bright sunlight in an area up to a mile in radius. This is a Light Control effect with two Alternate Powers (Blinding Aura and Laser Blast)

Possession: Whenever Yan resurrects, she automatically possesses the nearest female’s body within 300 feet and makes it her own for one month. This is a Possession power, with the Mental and No Saving Throw extras, the Fades, Limited, Side-effect, and Uncontrolled flaws, Improved Range (5), Indirect, Innate, and Triggered feats, and the One-way Transformation drawback.

Variable: When Yang possesses a new body, she merges with it, changing it, but it changes her mindset as well. Yin gains subtle character changes according to the person possessed, and may divide 40 points of skills when she does. These skills remain until she dies and resurrects again.


Yang is the male component of Cosmos, representing Activity, Heat, Life, Summer, and Day. He is noble and joyous, and tries to help those around him as much as he can. He is very extrovert and this causes some people to shy away sometimes. He represents the Male aspect of creation as well, a force pulling everything towards itself. So he will gladly aid others with their endeavours, and will seek new people out actively to offer aid. He will never willingly cause harm to someone, except when necessary.

Yang’s tactics in times of trouble are pretty straight forward. He activates his Super-Speed and tries to get away in cases where he is outnumbered. If a fight is unavoidable, he also activates his Chi (mostly in Constitution, to tweak his Toughness saving throw). If not so, he will use his abilities to attack multiple targets (using Super-speed), or dazzle them using his blinding aura. If facing one opponent, he will use his laser blast to the fullest (or tweaked down if facing not-so-lethal foes).

Yin and Yang:

Yin and Yang appear the first time opposed to each other on the world and have their first Possession. They do not know of each other, or of Kosmos, and they think they were the person they possessed all their lives. They have some of the possessed person’s memories, but not all of them, and call themselves Yin or Yang. They know their powers, and have fake memories how they discovered those powers and evolved them.

If they possess a new body, their memories are changed, and their memories how they discovered there powers change as well. Their skills change too, so people who encounter theme multiple times notice something strange going on. Also, Yin and Yang transform their host’s bodies subtly. The body remains the same, but adopts a small number of changes. Yin’s body always has the following traits: black hair, light grey eyes, somewhat gaunt facial expression. Yang’s body always has white hair and very dark brown eyes. He mostly looks muscular and lean.
When they die, they must both make their resurrection check together. So, if one does and the other does not, the first remains in stasis until the latter does. The bodies have died, but their souls are safe in a pocket dimension. They reappear together, at other places, but in a pattern. Anyone discovering this pattern sees that they will appear in the same location at some place, at some point in the future.

When this happens, they will automatically merge and form Kosmos, with destructive repercussions.
When they meet each other in person, they feel somewhat strange but do not automatically hate each other. They are instead drawn to each other, what may result in Kosmos being formed. If they see each other through television, recordings, or ESP, this compulsion to meet is not present, but they feel something is strange.


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