Silver Sentinel





Jame Townsend grew up in Scottsdale Arizona. His parents were divorced and he didn’t
see his mother much at all. His father owned a bookstore but Jame was never very
interested in reading. He was a real thrill seeker and liked to party. His father died when
Jame was 18 and Jame used his inheritance to go to college in Boston. The freedom and
money he now owned quickly went to his head though. 2 years later he was broke, a drug
addict and he was kicked out of college without a degree. He moved to NY in the hope of
finding a job. His drug problem became more severe however and Jame was arrested and
put in to a clinic first and then thrown in jail.

He was freed after 2 years by the mayor of
New York and placed in a special program mayor Anderson was sponsoring. The
program involved a year of community service and a full year of military training in the
air force. The program worked and Jame fully recovered. He got a few small jobs and
when he had saved enough money he moved to Los Angeles. He wanted to become an
actor. Here Jame struggled for 3 years. He had to live in his car for a few months and was
betrayed by two of his agents before he finally got his lucky break. As he was walking
home from his job as a postman one morning he stumbled on to movie set. He was just in
time to see a stuntman break both his legs while trying to jump from a moving train.
Apparently this had happened to 2 other stuntmen and the director refused to cut the
scene from the movie or alter the stunt. No other stuntman was willing to do the stunt
anymore and so Jame decided to take a risk. He stated that he was willing to do the stunt
in exchange for a job. Jame did the stunt without harming himself and was hired as a
stuntman fulltime.

Only 3 months later Jame received an offer for the leading role in a
superhero action movie called Ultra-man. He accepted the role and became a superstar
overnight as the movie was a huge hit. He starred in the sequel the very next year and
became an ever greater star. The 2 movies had made him a wealthy man and Jame was
getting bored again. He had liked playing a superhero on the big screen but now he
wanted to become one in real life. His own role models were a group of superhero’s who
mainly worked in New York. He started to use his new found wealth to find a way to
become a hero as well and was approached by Anderson Electronics and Devices. A
professor named Dr. Hamilton had made a great discovery. Dr. Hamilton worked for the
company’s CEO Aron Anderson personally and was instructed to create an energy field
strong enough to cover the entire earth. He failed in his mission but did discover
something else.

He discovered a way to create a micro-singularity through the application
of high-energy magnetism. This singularity, which he named an ultra-magnetic
singularity, had two very useful applications. The first was that once the singularity was
activated no outside force was necessary to sustain it and except for the energy output the
singularity did not affect its environment. The second one was that the singularity
provided a strange new kind of energy. This new energy could easily be manipulated to
react magnetic to every substance. Dr. Hamilton called this new energy omni-magnetic
energy. When Dr. Hamilton presented his findings to the CEO Aron Anderson decided to
use this new technology to create a battle-suit. Aron Anderson himself used the
technology from his company to fight crime and he saw similar applications for dr.
Hamilton’s discovery. This led to the creation of the Crime Intervention Battlesuit (CIB).
Jame was contacted to become the test pilot for the new device. The suit worked perfectly
and Jame was offered a new contract. He would become a superhero in the employ of
AED and more specifically in the employ of Aron Anderson who was planning on
running for president. Jame would be allowed to keep his identity a secret for now, but
Aron Anderson would be free to expose him anytime he wanted.

Jame accepted the offer and became the Silver Sentinel. The suit was presented to the world on the night Anderson announced his campagne. Jame moved to NY and accepted a role on a sitcom
that was shot in NY. The sitcom was a mild success so Jame’s wealth hasn’t decreased
yet. Jame loves his new job as a superhero but fears the day Anderson decides to tell the
world his true identity. The suit was upgraded after the first real battle it was in. It was
found the suit lacked versatility so an additional hardware pack was installed.
Because Jame has such an active lifestyle and social life a special vehicle was created to
house the battlesuit. Jame need only enter the vehicle and he can change in to his alter

Although Jame Townsend is a wealthy arrogant and attractive movie star he has had basic
training as a pilot and as a stuntman. He has trained very hard in operating the C.I.B. and
has learned to master it’s ability’s like no other.

Silver Sentinel

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