Shadow Queen Avora


The entity known as the shadow queen was born in a factory on a distant world named Avora. Avora has two suns, on opposite sides of the planet and was thus constantly bathed in light. The planet was rich in an element called Cilterium, which had to be mined from the surface. To mine the ore the avorans used mindless constructs, created from the many shadows the constant light provided. These shadow constructs did did not really live. They were connected to a central mainframe that provided them with instructions. A powerfull solar storm disrupted the connection however and the constructs fell silent, all except one. The radiation mutated one of the constructs and it became sentient.

The Avorans tried to destroy the aberrant and it fled out in to space. There it drifted for millennia and after a while, it went mad with fear and loneliness. When it finally arrived on an inhabited world it discovered it could posses others. It used it’s newfound abilities and attempted to conquer the world, and failed. Again it was forced to flee the planet and again it drifted through space for ages. Then, it arrived on earth. On earth it again possessed a body, but this time the body belonged to a young female mutant who already possessed great powers. Reveling in it’s newfound power the entity proclaimed itself Avora, the shadowqueen and attacked new York.

Several heroes fought Avora and Shade died while attempting to rescue his friends. In the end Avora was banished from the young girl’s body, but her shadowform still remains on earth.

Shadow Queen Avora

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