Shade was the alter ego of Aron Anderson.

Using the technology and financial backing of his corporation AED, Aron Anderson created the crime-fighting hero Shade.

Originally Shade restricted his involvement to fighting crime in New York. After Urban Explorations was exposed, he contacted the members of the Victory vanguard and offered to become the sponsor of the team. Through them his involvement in fighting crime became global and even galactic.

Shade did not have any superpowers but made use of supertech created by AED.
Among his equipment was a motorcycle that could defy gravity by driving up walls, a coat that enhanced his reflexes and glasses that allowed him to see through most objects.

Later in his career Aron Anderson quit his life as a superhero and became a politician, fighting for superhero rights. He even made it to the white house as vice-president. He quit his career as a politician when he failed to stop the “peace of good intentions” act that wanted to prevent the return of superheroes.

Aron Anderson died while rescuing several of his old Victory Vanguard teammates from Shadow Queen Avora.


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