Lord Exalt


Lord Exalt was once the king of the three allied cities of the Aztecs. He ruled with an iron fist and brough many tributes to the gods. They, in turn, rewarded him with eternal life and great power. One night, the king was taken from his bedchamber and brought before the lorekeepers of the gods. They put him in their great machines and downloaded his essence in to a group of nanites. Through these nanites Lord exalt would be able to infect and posses his subjects and as long as only one nanite survived, he would survive.

After they altered the king, the gods left earth. Lord Exalt ruled for a over a hundred years, his power unquestioned. Then, the Spanish fleets arrived. His empire crumbled and he was forced to flee. Lord Exalt went underground, trying hard to contact the gods. When he finally succeeded, they came for him. Unlike he had hoped, they didn’t receive him as an honored guest, but as a failed experiment. They tried to kill him, to extract his essence from his nanites. Lord exalt fought back however and found that his powers worked on them as well.
Centuries later Lord Exalt decided to return to earth, now armed with alien knowledge and technology. Although his initial invasion was stopped, he did manage to rebuild his nation, Aztica.

Lord exalt wants to expand his dominion and has clashed with earth’s heroes on multiple occasions. At one point they even blew up his city state.

Lord Exalt

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