Friedrich Adolf Khan

Genetical engineered teen whose every ability is pushed to the human limit.


Europol record #189.12-2012 [CLASSIFIED]
Subject: Debriefing of codename ‘The Golden Hawk’ concerning the Von-Neumann-Incident

AGENT: How did your team find the island?
HAWK: Keypad, my team’s computer expert, traced Von Neumann’s last signal back to his hide-out.
AGENT: For the record, could you list the members of your team who joined you on this expedition?
HAWK: Sure, there was Keypad, who I mentioned before, Electrode, a lightning user, Star Child, among other things teleportation expert, Swift, a speedster, Bull, our muscle and myself.
AGENT: What happened when you arrived at the island?
HAWK: The moment Star Child teleported us in, we knew it was a trap. Von Neumann’s nazi monsters were waiting for us and a suppression field had been placed over the area, specifically tuned for our powers…
AGENT: And that’s when you lost the first member of your team?
HAWK: Yes, Electrode… I mean something was wrong with everybody’s powers but his… He didn’t have a chance against those deformed monsters that had started attacking us.
AGENT: So you ordered a retreat?
HAWK: Of course, we were outmatched, so I told Star Child to teleport us away. But then it all went wrong. Her power misfired and we were teleported deeper into the island and Swift … Somehow Swift had ended up in the wall. We could still see part of her hand and a leg sticking out of it.
AGENT: That’s when you first made contact with Von Neumann?
HAWK: Not exactly, he talked to us over the speaker. He told us that this was our final day, that we could not escape anymore. He told us it was all thanks to a traitor in our midst.
AGENT: How did you’re team respond to that?
HAWK: This isn’t the first villain that we’ve fought and we laughed it away in the beginning. But my team was deeply shocked by the loss of Swift and Electrode and as time went on, we became more suspicious of one and other. Before I knew it, Bull went insane. He accused Keypad for leading us into a trap and before I knew it they were fighting. Keypad was no match for Bull and he was getting beaten, badly. I tried to stop them but Bull was too strong. Star child was crying and yelling a them to stop. Bull was still smashing at Keypad’s face and Keypad had stopped moving. Then Star Child just grabbed Bull by the arm, told me goodbye and then they were both gone. She sacrificed herself to stop Bull. I think she blamed herself for Swifts death and just didn’t want to carry on anymore.
AGENT: So then you carried on the mission alone?
HAWK: Yes, what else would I have done. I was mad and angry. I wanted to kill Von Neumann. I found him in the central chamber with a baby, no more than a few months old.
AGENT: Was that his secret weapon?
HAWK: In a way, he told me that this child, he called him Adolf Friedrich, was to become the leader of an army to come, a new hero for the Third Reich to insure its legacy.
AGENT: It’s a good thing you stopped him when you did, it sounds like he could have become a serious problem in the future. Another victory for the side of good.
HAWK: I wouldn’t call this a victory…
AGENT: But you said you killed him?
HAWK: Yes, but I think he wanted me to kill him. I was tired and badly injured and I still bested him. Finally when he hung there, impaled on his own death ray, he was happy. He told me that his work was complete and everything had been set in motion, the child would fulfill his destiny, there was no longer any need from Von Neumann to continue living in this imperfect world. Then he just laughed, until he chocked on his own blood.
AGENT: We have to try to stop whatever he was planning. Then we should consider terminating the infant immediately before he can complete his ‘destiny’.
HAWK: No, you won’t. We can’t go around killing children in cold blood. I’ll take Friedrich with me and I will raise him.
AGENT: Mr. Hawk, you can’t be serious. I mean, we won’t let you.
HAWK: The Golden Hawk died on that island, so please call me Johann Khan. And you are going to let me leave with my son and you and your organization are not going to go near him for as long as I live. I’ve learned things in my time here, things you wouldn’t won’t the public to know.
AGENT You wouldn’t dare…
HAWK: Yes, I would. Good day.

Friedrich Adolf Khan

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