Dr. ketchup


Tom Teller was always fascinated by superheroes and supervillains. He read comics, watched movies, created a fanclub…. He even studied genetic engineering at college, hoping to find a way to give himself superpowers. His experiments drew the attention of the early Galatea project and he was offered a position within their labs. The lead scientists quickly realized however that Tom was nothing more than a fanboy and that his experiments would never bare fruit, so he was fired.

Disillusioned, Tom started working for an agricultural company, engineering vegetables and fruits to better survive droughts or insects. For a short time he even forgot all about superheroes.

His interest resurfaced when he heared about Shade however. Now here was a superhero who didn’t have any superpowers, who relied only on his equipment. If shade could do it, maybe he could as well. His anger and resentment made him choose the side of evil however. He wanted to become the archnemesis of Shade and the new superhero team he had just started.
To get the world’s attention he decided to attack the wedding of socialite Aron Anderson, a good friend of Shade and his team. Tom stuck to what he knew, genetically engineered vegetables, and armed with exploding tomatos and poisonous peas he went to work as Dr. Ketchup.

Since then he has crossed paths with various superheroes on occasions.

Dr. ketchup

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