Dr. Dynamo


Power Level 10 Human Mutant (156 power points)
Stats: Str 7, Dex 11, Con 9, Int 21, Wisdom 19, Charisma 13 (-1 physical, +1 mental, due to age)
Saves: Toughness -1, Fortitude +3, Reflex +4, Will +8
Skills: Computers +15, Craft (Electronical) +15, Disable Device +9, Investigate +15, Knowledge (Physical Sciences) +9, Knowledge (Technology) +15, Knowledge (Theology/Phylosophy) +9, Search +9, Concentration +12
Feats: Attack Specialization (Volt Blast) 5, Precise Shot 2, Benefit (Wealth) +20, Equipment 18, Quick Change 1, Inventor, Skill Mastery 2 (Computer, Craft E, Disable Device, Investigate, Knowledge (Ph. S., Tech, Th./Ph.), Concentration)
Powers: Absorption 5, Device, Electrical Control 5, Super-Senses 3
Combat: Attack +0, Damage -2, Defense +4, Initiative +1


Attack Specialization (Volt Blast): Grants a +10 bonus on attack rolls when using Volt Blast.
Precise Shot 2: No penalties for shooting into melee.
Benefit (Wealth) 5: +20 bonus to Wealth rating.
Equipment18 : 90 points worth of equipment.
Quick Change: Free action to change into costume.
Inventor: Dr. Dynamo can make technological wonders and devices.
Skill Mastery 2: Take 10 on several skills, even when rushed.


Warehouse Headquarters (11 points or equipment)
Toughness 10; Size Medium
- Communications: Receives and transmits radio and TV bands, police and emergency channels, and communication for Dr. Dynamo when he is outbound.
- Computer and Library: State-of-the-art computer system with overhead glass panels, and multiple computer feeds. Four of the Six computers have no connection to the net, but boast an immense and complete library on Engineering, Technology, Science (primarily Physical), and Ethics and Philosophy.
- Fire Prevention System: The Fire Prevention System with sprinklers, or if no one is in the room, a system that sucks the oxygen out of the room.
- Laboratory and Workshop: Largest room in the HQ, this boasts several computers and working tables featuring technological devices and weaponry.
- Living Space: Small quarters with kitchen, bathroom, study, and bedroom.
- Power System: Four large generators (three work at any given time) alternate to recharge and deliver enough power for the whole HQ.
- Security System: To enter the facility, you need a Key Card, the security code (changes every week), finger print, eye and voice recognition. When one of these prerequisites are not met, the door opens anyway, but opens in another part of the building (the large company building, not the HQ). This is an application of the Spatial Control power and is a short range Teleport effect rank 5.

L.I.S.A (Logics and Intelligence Simulation and Application) (75 points of equipment)

Stats: Str 0, Dex 0, Con 0, Int 30, Wisdom 14, Charisma 18 -28
Saves: Toughness +0, Fortitude +0, Reflex +0, Will +10 +8
Skills: Computers +25, Diplomacy +10, Gather Information +15, Notice +7, Search +21, Sense Motive +12 +12
Feats: Eidetic Memory, Fearless, Contacts, Skill Mastery 1 (Computers, Gather Info, Notice, Search), Well-Informed +5
Powers: Data Link (Mental) 10, Force Field 10 (Impervious, Ablative), Illusion (Visual Tactile Phantasms of Wounds opening on body) 10, Immunities 30 (Fortitude), Telelocation (10) +80
Combat: Attack -, Damage -, Defense -, Initiative -

L.I.S.A is an intelligent computer program with a personality and the ability to learn, think, and interact with those it perceives. It is stationary at Dr. Dynamo’s HQ, and is his most loyal ally (although they have fiery discussions on some subjects at times, and Dr. Dynamo cannot believe he has never won a game of chess of L.I.S.A so far.
L.I.S.A can make Gather Information checks on the Web in 1 minute (or 20 minutes by taking 20; result is 35). It can work with computers it is linked with and can effectively multitask much faster and better than any one computer could. It talks with a stern but soft woman’s voice (the voice of Dr. Dynamo’s mother) and when talking, it makes constant Sense Motive checks, backing statements with Gather Information rolls on the Web.
L.I.S.A. can sense intelligent beings within 200.000 miles and uses this ability to track Dr. Dynamo when he is outbound. Due to their Data Link powers, they can automatically contact each other within this radius.

When facing intruders or other dangers, L.I.S.A uses Diplomacy and Force Field immediately, to protect itself and convince the intruders they should ‘leave or face the consequences, young man’. If this does not work, L.I.S.A uses its illusion powers to make the targets believe they are getting slashed by an invisible force, driving them out in fear. L.I.S.A. will never use its powers on Dr. Dynamo or his guests (unless they physically or mentally attack him).

Volt Suit (1 point)
Suit that changes appearance, texture, size (slightly), and colour through soft currents of electricity. A soft shock causes the change. The suit keeps the electricity current inside it. You need electricity control 1 to use a Volt Suit to shift, and a way to absorb the energy inside to shift back.

Cellphone, PDA computer, Night Vision Goggles (3 points of equipment)


Absorb Electricity: This power allows Dr. Dynamo to absorb 10 points of electricity damage bonus per attack. If the damage bonus of the attack after absorption is 0 or higher, he may save against that number with a +10 bonus to the Toughness saving throw. For every +1 damage absorbed, 1 point is stored in Dr. Dynamo’s energy storage capacity (up to 100 points) and 2 points are re-allocated at the Electrical Control power array. Points stored bleed away at a rate of 1 per hour.
With a ranged attack roll (
0), Dr. Dynamo can drain power at a 1 for 1 basis off electrical power sources. These are electrical tools and appliances that are currently being powered, batteries and generators, and sockets. He gains twice the power source’s power rank or twice his Absorption rank in points, whichever is the lowest. These points can be used to power up Electrical Control or stored in the Storage Capacity. This power is a Limited Absorption Power with a Slow Fade Energy Storage and Power Magnet extra.

Electrical Control: Dr. Dynamo’s past accident in his laboratory has granted him not only the ability to absorb and store electricity, but to manipulate it as well. The first effect is his signature attack: the Volt Blast. This is a ray of cracking electricity that deals +3 damage at 30-ft range. As a reaction to any attack made within 50 ft, he can try to deflect it with a lesser Volt Blast (Deflect 1). He can try to deflect any attack within the area, without penalties. He can also deflect melee attacks this way. Lastly, Dr. Dynamo can communicate with computers over a distance of 300 ft.
When Dr. Dynamo uses his Deflect power, he looses his dodge bonus to Defense.
This is an Electrical Control Array of 3 ranks with two Alternate Powers: Ranged Deflect (Projectiles only, reaction, distracting) and a Dynamic Datalink (sharing lost power points to Deflect)
The chart below shows the increase of this power when Boosted.

Sense Electricity: Wherever Dr. Dynamo looks, he can see the electrical currents (if any). Note that this allows him to see the electrical processes in someone’s brain, which can give him certain benefits.

Volt Shield: Dr. Dynamo’s first invention that actually sees much field use, the Volt Shield is a device that works like a normal shield when not activated. It is a Medium-Size shield that has cracks running in a strange pattern through it. In the cracks, electrical currents can be seen. The shield grants a +2 dodge bonus to defense and a +2 bonus on block checks. If it helps deflect an attack, a small electrical discharge can be seen. When activated, it shatters into several small parts that hover against the vital parts of Dr. Dyamo’s body, and between the several metal parts, a field of static electricity can be seen. This device, when activated grants immunity to critical hits, a Force Field effect of rank 10 against energy only and due to the electrical currents that deceive onlookers’ eyes, partial concealment. Also, the shield meddles with the electrical currents of mental attacker’s brains, granting Mind Shield, rank 5. This is a 4 rank device that can be disarmed when not activated. It has an Impervious Force Field 10 (Energy only) effect with the Selective feat, a Mind Shield 5 effect, a Blur effect without the stealth bonus, and Immunity (critical hits).


Jeremy Lester Argunson II was a government sponsored inventor who accidentally achieved mutant hood when he was infused with electrical currents due to a haywire experiment in his laboratory eight years ago. He spent almost two years recovering from his accident, and lost his marriage and job in the process. All of his work was taken away from him by his peers and his wife left him for someone else with their son.
Jeremy wallowed in self-pity for a long time after the accident, but when he discovered he could see and influence the electrical currents around him, he faced the fact his life had changed drastically. He had to start over again, and thoug he was still somewhat bitter by the betrayal of his wife and colleagues, he immediately began planning to start a new lab, all for himself.

With his new powers, he proved even more adept at creating technological wonders, and he started working at TechLab as a technological engineer. Since that point, he has become one of the senior employees in the company and has secured a portion of the work halls for himself. The nature of his security system has caused other employees (except maybe those few that worked here when he started 5 years ago) to not know of this private space (See Equipment and HQ below).
As of late, Jeremy has been realizing that even his inventions and his new powers can’t fill the gap his family left, so he took up the mantle of Dr. Dynamo, a new superhero wannabe who actually does not have the age to go flying around and doing heroics. He has the powers, he has the will, but has found that going out to help others is somewhat more strenuous than he thought.

When he expects a fight, he charges himself for 40 energy points. He spends them on his electrical control as soon as fighting begins, and targets others with Volt Blasts. When forced in the defensive, he uses his Deflect powers to avoid getting hit.

Dr. Dynamo

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