Power Level 20 Ancient Being (300 power points)
Stats: Str 50, Dex 10, Con 60, Int 0, Wisdom 10, Charisma 0
Saves: Toughness +25 (Impervious), Fortitude +25 (Immune), Reflex +0, Will +0
Skills: Escape Artist +0, Stealth -20, Concentration +0, Notice +0
Feats: -
Powers: Clairvoyance 10, Create Object 10, Disintegration 10, Gestalt 10, Growth 20, Immortality 3, Immunities 53, Impervious Toughness 25, Space Travel 10, Super-Senses 3
Combat: Attack -12, Damage +20, Defense -12, Initiative +0

- Int 0 gives a free immunity to mental abilities.
- Cha 0 give immunity to interaction abilities.
- Con is increased to 60 with a trade-off of 10 with Defense (max defense 10)

All of Cosmos’ powers are Innate, and not dispellable.

All-Seeing: Cosmos can as a move action percieve the whole solar system as a whole. He can only do this while in space. This is a Clairvoyance effect with the Perception Area extra and the Medium flaw.

Creation: Cosmos creates, as a standard action, objects of matter and energy that are always 1500 km in size. He can concentrate to continue the effect to increase the object in size by another 1500 ft. as a move action. These objects are real objects, working according to the physics on the Material Plane and are permanent in every way. This is a Create Object effect with the Permanent flaw, 14 ranks of Progression to increase the object size and the Full Power drawback.

Disintegration: Cosmos is permanently surrounded by a 500-ft radius invisible sphere of destructive energies, draining 10 toughness of everything in the area each round unless they make a Reflex save DC 15. A creature reduced to -5 Toughness, or an object reduced to -10, must succeed at a DC 25 Toughness save against damage. If such a saving throw fails by 20, the object or creature is destroyed into nothingness. This is a Disintegration effect with the Burst Area and Duration (3) extra, Permanent flaw, Innate and Progression (3) feats, and a Full Power drawback.
As a secondary effect, all air is pulled out of the area, creating a space-like environment. Cosmos All-Seeing ability works in this area, and creatures must save against a DC 30 Fortitude suffocation effect or become suffocating, halving speed, and imposing a -1 penalty to attack, defense, and Reflex saves. From then on, they must make consecutive Con checks (DC 10 +1 per round) or fall unconscious. The round thereafter, they become dying, and the round thereafter, they die.

Gestalt: Cosmos is a dual-natured creature of creation and destruction. His first appearance is of two humanoid, but alien, creatures, Yin and Yang. When they meet, they automatically combine into Cosmos, not able to split back, or to stop the transformation. This is a Gestalt power with the Uncontrollable flaw, and the Involuntary Transformation drawback.

Growth: Cosmos has an awesome size, gaining size bonuses and penalties. This is an application of the Growth power, with a Innate feat and a Permanent flaw.

Immortality: When Cosmos dies, which is not likely, he resurrects within 5 hours by making a DC 10 recovery check.

Indestructible: Cosmos automatically succeeds any Toughness saving throw against attacks that deal less than 25 points of damage.

Immunities: Cosmos has the following immunities: Critical hits, Mind-affecting, Interaction, Fortitude, Life Support. He is also immune to Cold and Cosmic powers.

Space Travel: Cosmos travels at a rate of 1.000 times the light speed in space. Thanks to his Disintegration area, he has flight of a speed of 10.000 Mph. This is a Space Travel rank 10 power with Innate feat application and an Alternate Power feat that allows Flight rank 10.

Super-Senses: Cosmos has the following Innate super-senses:
- Radar
- Cosmic Awareness: Perceives cosmic powers, effects, and events.
All these special powers work through his All-Seeing range.


Cosmos looks like a really large, bulbous worm, with a mouthlike orifice that sucks in great volumes of matter, air, and energy. Around him is an area of space-like void, and it does not appear to have eyes or ears, or any humanlike characteristics. Even while he appears blind, he moves with a supernatural direction sense, and feels anything in the vicinity.
Cosmos just is. It does not possess the Intelligence to think about reasons, but his actions are fuelled only by an ancient instinct and repetitive habit. He is nothing more than a construct, but possessed with an alien life force that compels him only to recycle matter throughout the universe.


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