Human mind trapped in a robot body


Real name: Chistopher Cobb
Power level 12 Construct
Stats: Str 20, Dex 16, Con -, Int 34, Wis 20, Cha 10
Saves: Toughness +10, Fort -, Ref +8, Will +10
Feats: Master Plan, Inventor, Benefit:Wealth 2, Eidetic Memory, Dodge Focus 2, Melee Focus 12
Skills: Computer +27, Concentration +15, Craft (Electronic) +26, Craft (Mechanical) +17, Disable Device +25, Knowledge (Technology) +27, Knowledge (Life) +26, Knowledge (Physics) + 24, Notice +15, Pilot +11, Search +14, Sense Motive +9
Powers: Comprehend Machines 2 (Innate), Datalink 7 (Machine Control, Innate), Device : Android
Android powers: Communication (Radio) 7, Flight 5, Strike 5 (Mighty), Protection 10 (Impervious), Super Sense (Radio) 1, Space Travel 1
Equipment: Space Shuttle (Speed 12, Concealment 10, Telekineses 20)
Combat: Melee +12, Defense +12, Initiative +3


Christopher Cobb had a knack for dying and not staying dead.

When he was young, Christopher was the smartest kid in class. Everybody knew he was going to make it big some day, however it’s these types of kids, like Christopher was, that make excellent targets for bullies and such. He would later look back on his childhood as being a very unhappy one, one with no friends and all time spent behind a computer or pulling apart some mechanical device. All of the therapists he would later frequent, would attribute this period of his life the fault for his lack of faith in humanity.

Of course, once he got out of high school and into a prestigious university that changed, a bit. He tried to spend as much time as he could alone but now he had a very social room mate, named Barry Bovinski. Barry was in the university’s athletics team, had a sports scholarship and was determined to get Christopher away from his computer every second he could. He dragged him to every party he knew about and they soon became friends. It was at one of these parties that he met Sarah Sirianni and it wasn’t long before he fell madly in love with her. Sarah was an arts major, ballet dancer and daughter of Mister Sirianni, founder and CEO of Sirianni Tech. Those few years were the happiest of Christopher’s life. His therapist would later tell him to embrace this time and not shun it. Christopher would say that the only purpose those years served, were to give him false hope.

Things got bad in Christopher’s third year. He accidentally found a strange bottle of medication in the room and confronted Barry about it. Barry told him that it were just some pills to give him the ‘edge’ that he had gotten from his trainer. Christopher pleaded with him to stop and Barry said he would. But after a bad run, Barry started taking them again and Christopher found out. He asked again if he would stop but Barry got angry with him and they got into a fight. Afraid of what the drugs were doing to Barry, Christopher went to tell the Dean. This was followed by a massive investigation and Barry among a few others were expelled.
If that wasn’t bad enough, a few months later whilst driving back from visiting Sarah’s parents, Christopher and Sarah got into an accident when they hit a tree that fell onto the road as their car was passing by. Luckily a passerby saw the crash and called an ambulance. Both of them were quickly rushed to hospital. Whilst in the ambulance, Christopher almost died when he went into cardiac arrest but was revived in time by the doctors. Unfortunately Sarah wasn’t lucky, and upon arriving at the hospital she was declared dead.
It took several months for Christopher to fully recover and he was never the same again. He became more of a shut-in than he had ever been before and had developed a limp, even though the doctors could find nothing wrong with his knee. This is around the time he was forced on wave upon wave of therapists, who all described his limp as survivor’s guilt.

Christopher soon found a way to vent his anger at world by writing computer viruses that tormented thousands of computers. He continued this until he was caught and banned from using any computer for three years, not to mention pay a serious fine. And this is where Urban Explorations came in. They offered to pick up his tab and at the end of the three years, offered him a job at their company. He was to work on a new kind of virtual interface. With his unfriendly attitude and general dislike of other people, he soon became loathed by his colleagues. When the time came to test the machine, they were all glad that he had gotten the short straw.
It was during this test that Christopher died again. While they were loading his mind into the computer a power drain knocked out all of the electricity in the Urban Explorations building. What happened to Christopher’s mind was similar to what happens to your game if you shut of your game boy whilst saving. Without a mind, his body soon died and Christopher was trapped inside the Urban Exploration main frame. His mind sought a way out, a way to interact with the world. He found this in a forgotten corner in the basement. A long abandoned project where they tried to reverse engineer an android that had came from outer space to wreak havoc on the Earth a number of years back. The reason of the discontinued was a presence suddenly appearing in the body, a dark and vile presence. Efforts to remove it failed. And in the end it was deemed too dangerous and the project was scrapped.

In his new body, Christopher escaped the building but was soon captured by two super heroes, Copycat and Shade. Brought back to Urban Explorations, he was presented with a new job offer, help a newly formed super hero squad. Christopher reluctantly agreed.
With the loss of his own body and implantment inside a robotic body, he felt utterly disconnected from humanity and his world was a dark and cold place. In fact, as far as he was concerned Christopher Cobb was dead and he was something new. He called himself Centron and severed all of his ties with his former life. The only thing that still reminded him of his previous existence was a strange pain in his knee.


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